Guide To Selling

Selling at car boot sales is really easy if you stick to a few golden rules:

  • Always arrive with plenty of time to set up your stall at the car boot sale.
  • Plan the way you load your car ready for the car boot sale, so when you unload your car for the boot sale, everything comes out in the right order to be placed on your car boot stall.
  • Always pack your selling table last. That way it’s the first thing you take out when you get to the car boot sale. You don’t want to have to un pack everything and then load them up to the table last.
  • Make Sure to pack refreshments, as you might not get the chance to leave your car boot sale selling table.
  • Try to bring a friend. Having someone there to take over your stand on the car boot sale if you need to do something is a great tool.
  • Make sure you have change. You don’t want to be turning away sales because you can’t give the correct change.
  • Keep your money with you at all times in a money belt, so you’re always ready to make a sale